Find your power spot.

Meditation, elevated.

Tall, durable and beautiful, Shastana meditation cushions are designed to help you take your practice to new heights.

A Modern Approach

Quality Craftsmanship 📐

Durable and looks great anywhere.

Heightened Elevation 🗻

Your legs won't fall asleep.

Full Spine Support 💪

Sit longer without discomfort.

What Users Say

This is the Rolls Royce of zafus, and this is not a superficial view. It’s about comfort and quality. Totally top notch!

– Luis

This is perfect for all heights of yogis! It is so challenging to find a meditation pillow that doesn't cause my legs to fall asleep! This is a construction that forms to your individual body and allows you to meditate and let energy flow. Would definitely recommend this pillow! I use it for meditation and sitting in my living room reading -- it's a must have!

– Rachel

This pillow is IT! I'm 5'2" with very thick, short legs. This pillow is dense. It does not give when you sit on it. I felt like it grounded me more and helped my posture. Because of the height I'm able to work on opening my hips by tilting forward. The texture of the pillow works great as it stays in place (no slipping and sliding).

– Gloria

They are beautifully made, a great neutral color. The fabric is very thick, but soft enough to be comfortable and the cushion itself is very sturdy to sit. When not in use, they're stacked in our living room as part of the décor.

– Luis


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