About Shastana

Shastana is an independent meditation brand inspired by the great American outdoors. We make modern, durable meditation cushions (and more, coming soon) designed to be both beautiful and functional. Guided by the belief that meditation is for everyone and can be done anywhere, we favor a straightforward, understated and rational approach. 

The Backstory

Four years ago I spent some time in Mount Shasta in Northern California, and formed some new habits. I replaced coffee with yerba mate, for one thing. I started eating healthier. And I began meditating regularly—outside whenever possible.

Meditating atop Mount Shasta—also known as "the root chakra of the earth"—had a profound impact on my life. But the meditation cushions I tried were not up to the task—they were too soft, too low to the ground, not durable enough.

I created Shastana meditation cushions to address this and to become the perfect tool for meditation. They're designed to allow you to sit longer and go deeper into meditation without discomfort. You can take them outside to your favorite power spot. 

I hope they help you achieve new heights in your practice. If you have feedback, write to us. And if you'd like to share your favorite power spot, tag a picture of it with #shastana. We love seeing where our pillows end up!

Sean and Larkin
San Francisco, California